Last updated October 2, 2023
Updated June 22,2023

We at TAPM are committed to protecting your privacy.

Confidentiality in any business is very imperative. 

This privacy policy applies to information and data collected from the applications connecting to TAPM domain.

When you subscribe to our TAPM Newsletter we collect your email address.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The Cookie Law .

Safeguarding User Privacy

In 2011 the cookie law directive was mandated by the EU giving users the right to refuse consenting. As such We will comply with the EU privacy legislation as countries have already updated their policies to incorporate this change. To comply We will ask for Your consent; Once, you consent, our TAPM users' consent, we will place a cookie into Your browser to collect personal information. When You complete a form, we will collect and store Your personal information submitted inclusive of Your email address. You the user of this website consent to cookies used to enhance your experience and display tailored ads, when you agree.

The data we collect is strictly used for TAPM purposes.

We collect data such as name, email address and contact number.

This information may or may not be used for cookie preferences based on your consent when prompted while using our services. 

We, Our, Us represents TAPM (The Author and Publisher Model).

Please note if you are a minor below the age of thirteen (13) please obtain parental approval to continue using our services.

We respect your privacy and will protect same while providing our services. 


Our domain host is Webador, who will periodically support us with Marketing Analytics.


All external third-party monitoring technologies are not covered by our Privacy Policy.

Our services have only one referral link for support to website that offers an official referral link. We are not responsible for the business practices of external third parties.

If you have any question related to privacy, please submit an email using our contact page.

We at TAPM respect your privacy and will protect same while providing you with our services.🔏

Privacy Policy

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